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Housing & accommodation
Reverse mortgage What is a reverse mortgage?
Who is eligible for a reverse mortgage loan?
Key features of the reverse mortgage under the Reverse Mortgage Programme
What costs is the borrower responsible for?
How much does the borrower receive every month?
Lump-sum loan
Assignment of life insurance policy
When does the reverse mortgage terminate?
What happens to the property at the end of the reverse mortgage?
Application procedures
Public housing issues Application for public rental housing
Priority for the elderly
Harmonious Families Priority Scheme (“HFPS”)
Priority Scheme for Single Elderly Persons
Elderly Persons Priority Scheme
Special arrangements for elderly tenants
Rent Assistance Scheme
Housing subsidy policy
Survey on household income
Transfer of flats
Tenants’ responsibilities
Marking Scheme for Estate Management Enforcement
Housing abuses
General enquiries
Maintenance and safety of property The Owners’ Corporation as an entity of collective responsibility
Third party insurance
Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme
Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme
Government subsidy, loan and/or grant
Common Area Repair Works Subsidy
Common Area Repair Works Interest-free Loan
Common Area Repair Works Hardship Grant
Third Party Risks Insurance Subsidy
Home Renovation Interest-free Loan
Home Renovation Hardship Grant
Subsidy in relation to the MBIS and MWIS
Building Maintenance Grant Scheme for Elderly Owners
Building Safety Loan Scheme
Owners’ Corporation Formation Subsidy
Redevelopment and acquisition of property Introduction
The Urban Renewal Authority
The URA-initiated redevelopment projects
Demand-led Redevelopment Project (Pilot Scheme)
Facilitating Services (Pilot Scheme)
Land resumption
Mediation for compulsory sale cases
Intimidation tactics faced by property owners

Smart Elderly
Criminal offences commonly committed by elderly people Bringing items into Hong Kong
Unlawful gambling
Social security fraud
Pyramid schemes
Common con tricks Introduction
Fake medicine
Electronic parts
Spiritual blessing
Lottery scam
Telephone deception
Timeshare schemes
Pyramid schemes
Counterfeit banknotes
Bullet point insurance fraud
Loco London gold fraud
Boiler Room Fraud
Protection of investors and structured products Background
Actions may be taken
New measures added to various Ordinances to enhance protection for investors
Arresting procedure, my rights and obligations Stopping and questioning by the police in a public place
The right to silence
Stopping and searching by the police in a public place
Consequences on refusing to cooperate with the police
Arresting a person
Rights after arrest
Detention of arrested persons
Taking statements
Bail of arrested persons
Lodging complaints against the police

Work & retirement
Employment: Contract and wages A brief explanation of a contract of employment
“Contract of employment” vs “contract for service by independent contractor (or self-employed person)”
Payment of wages
End of year payments
Statutory Minimum Wage
Deduction of wages
Wages overdue
Employment: Termination of contract and dismissal Termination of employment and the relevant payments
Severance payment and long service payment
Immediate termination of employment
Unreasonable dismissal
Employment: Holiday/leave Rest day
Statutory holidays
Annual leave
Sick leave and sickness allowance
Employment: Work-related injuries Work-related injuries and the relevant compensations
Compensable occupational disease
Work-related accidents causing death
Work-related accidents causing disability
Reporting work-related accidents to the Labour Department
Compensation insurance policies
Age discrimination in employment What is age discrimination in employment?
Promotion, transfer and training
Dismissal, redundancy and unfair treatment
Grievances and related procedures
The Mandatory Provident Fund Introduction
MPF Contributions
Self-employed individuals and casual labours
Changing jobs and the Employee Choice Arrangement (ECA)
Retirement and withdrawal of accrued benefits from your MPF
Member protection and liabilities
MPF and Occupational Retirement Schemes (ORS)
Social welfare for the elderly Old Age Allowance (fruit money)
Old Age Living Allowance
Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme
Portable Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme
Guangdong Scheme/Fujian Scheme
Senior Citizen Card Scheme
Offences relating to cheating on public assistance

Farewell to life
Probate How your assets are going to be distributed?
Who is responsible for distributing and administering your estate?
How to make a will?
What concerns you should have when making your will?
Case illustration
After-death arrangements Registering a death
Garden of Remembrance
Sea scattering
Export of remains out of Hong Kong
Organ donation
Useful information
Life insurance What is a life insurance?
Relevant statutory provisions
Different types of life insurance
Utmost Good Faith
Medical evidence requirements
Common exclusions in life insurance policies
Important matters to consider before taking out a life insurance policy
Cooling Off Period
Suicide and incontestability
Practical tips for handling a life insurance claim denial by an insurance company
The Insurance Claims Complaints Bureau
Questions and answers

Health & care
Entitlement and access to public health care services Access to public health care services
Permanent residents vs non-permanent residents
Waiver of public health care expenses
Elderly Health Care Voucher
Medical treatment: consent and withdrawal Consent
Informed consent
Capacity to consent
Advance Directives
Treatment performed without consent
Advance Directives What is an “Advance Directive”?
Shall I make an advance directive?
How to make an advance directive?
Making an advance directive
Alteration or revocation of an advance directive
When will an advance directive be carried out?
Taking care of a mentally incapacitated person: Guardianship or Committee The mentally incapacitated person
Guardianship vs Committee
Guardianship – When to appoint a Guardian?
Guardianship – Who can be the Guardian?
Guardianship – The application
The Guardianship Order
Emergency Guardianship Order
Committee for a mentally incapacitated person
Committee – The application
The Order appointing a Committee
Court’s powers in cases of emergency
Enduring Power of Attorney What is an Enduring Power of Attorney?
Key advantages of an EPA
The attorney
Duties and liabilities of the attorney(s)
The attorney(s)' authorities and restrictions
How to make an EPA - using the prescribed form
How to make an EPA - signed by the donor
How to make an EPA - certificate by a registered medical practitioner and a solicitor
How to make an EPA - arrangements for donor who is physically incapable
How to make an EPA - signed by the attorney(s)
Commencement of the EPA
Registration of the EPA
Notification of named persons
Hypothetical cases
Questions and answers
Guide to prescribed forms of the Enduring Power of Attorney and downloading the forms
Elder abuse Overview
Forms of elder abuse
Assistance to elders who are mentally incapacitated persons (MIP)
Seeking assistance
Medical negligence What is medical negligence?
Common examples of complaints about medical practitioners
Under what circumstances can I make a claim for medical negligence?
How to make a claim for medical negligence?
How much could my claim be worth?
Can I apply for Legal Aid for my medical negligence claim?
Medical insurance What is a medical insurance?
Different types of medical insurance
Common exclusions in medical insurance policies
Utmost good faith
Medical evidence requirements
Important matters to consider before taking out your medical insurance policy
Practical tips for disputing a medical claim denial by an insurance company
The Insurance Claims Complaints Bureau
Questions and answers
Care by residential care homes for elderly persons Overview of residential care homes for elderly persons in Hong Kong
Licensing system for residential care homes in Hong Kong
The Residential Care Homes (Elderly Persons) Ordinance and its subsidiary legislation
The Code of Practice for Residential Care Homes (Elderly Persons)
Monitoring of residential care homes
The Complaint Mechanism
The Residential Care Homes (Persons with Disabilities) Ordinance
How to select a suitable residential care home and how to adjust to group living in residential care homes?
Elder abuse
Common examples of accidents which may cause personal injury to elderly persons in residential care homes