After-death arrangements


Cremation is the most common way to handle bodies in Hong Kong. During the process, the body is burnt and the ashes remain as a remembrance of the loved one.There are six crematoria operated by the government.For more information concerning government-run crematoria, please click here.

Applications for cremation can be made at the counter of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) Cremation Booking Office. The FEHD will offer a cremation session within 15 days from the day an application is made. 

There are certain requirements for coffins if the body is to cremated:

  • there must be no metal or plastic objects on the outside of the coffin;
  • there must be no funeral objects, or metal or plastic inside the coffin;
  • the coffin must display the name of the deceased;
  • size requirementsvary according to the crematoria concerned, so this should be checked beforehand.

It is also possible for family members to witness the cremation through close circuit television by making arrangementswith the staff of the crematoria on the day of the cremation.

There are a number of ways in which ashes can be dealt with after cremation. However, the only method that does not require an application is keeping the ashes at home.

The requirements for other methods are stated below: