Life insurance

Relevant statutory provisions

It is important to note that section 64B of the Insurance Companies Ordinance (Cap. 41) (“ICO”) provides that a Life Insurance Policy cannot be taken out on the life of a person if the policyholder or beneficiary has no interest. The same restriction applies to gaming or wagering in regard to a Life Insurance Policy. Any life insurance contract of insurance that contravenes this provision is void.

Pursuant to section 64A of ICO, a parent of a minor or a guardian of a ward under 18 years of age is deemed to have an interest in the life of the minor or ward, as the case may be.

Section 64C of the ICO prescribes that the person interested in the life insured, or for whose use or benefit, or on whose account the contract is entered into, must be named in the contract. A contract of insurance entered into in contravention of this provision is void.

According to section 64D of the ICO, where the insured person under a contract of insurance has an interest in a life or event, no greater sum shall be recovered from the insurer under the contract than the amount of value of the interest of the insured in that life or event.