Public housing issues

Housing abuses

Tenants proven to have abused public housing resources may have their tenancy terminated and are liable to prosecution.

The following are some examples of public housing abuse:

  • Subletting
  • Non-occupation
  • Non-domestic usage (e.g. commercial activities, storage)
  • Operating illegal activities (e.g. gambling, storage of drugs)
  • False declaration of information (e.g. income, assets, marital status or household particulars)

If the abuse is of a more serious nature, the HA will terminate the concerned tenancy without prior warning (Section 19 of the Housing Ordinance, Cap. 283). Therefore, never possess cigarettes for which duty not been paid or dangerous drugs, or gamble unlawfully in a public housing flat. Not only you may be charged with a criminal offence, the public housing flat involved may be recovered by the authority. Your family may become homeless because of your wrongdoings.