Public housing issues

Special arrangements for elderly tenants

Emergency Alarm System (“EAS”)

Elderly persons living either alone or in a household with all members aged 60 or above in a public rental flat may apply to the Social Welfare Department for a special grant for the installation of an EAS if they are Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients. If they are not receiving CSSA, they may apply to the Housing Department for an EAS Grant if they satisfy the necessary requirements.

Rent Allowance

The Rent Allowance for Elderly Scheme (RAES) was launched as a pilot scheme in August 2001 to provide elderly applicants with an arrangement to receive a cash rent allowance to lease private accommodation in lieu of public rental housing (PRH).

The HA’s Subsidised Housing Committee agreed on 25 September 2003 to phase out the pilot RAES and no longer accept new applications.

Existing beneficiaries, upon expiry of their current private leases, can opt for PRH units or a cash rent allowance provided that they still meet the present eligibility criteria (Policies on Public Housing, the Hong Kong Housing Authority: Chapter 3, Section A).