Public housing issues

Survey on household income

The HA is required to conduct a rent review for PRH every two years and to make rent adjustments in accordance with the change in the income index. To facilitate the rent review under the mechanism, the HA randomly selects 2000 PRH households each month for the survey.

The selected households receive a notification letter, together with an income declaration form (Section 25(1), Housing Ordinance, Chapter 283, Laws of Hong Kong). The declarable income includes remuneration from employment, self-employment, and/or other income (for example, income from investment). The information provided by tenants is treated in strict confidence and is used by the Census and Statistics Department to compute the income index.

The declaration is mandatory. The selected households must declare truthfully the requisite information. Tenants who knowingly make false statements when providing the information required in the declaration forms, or who refuse or neglect to return the income declaration forms by the specified time are guilty of an offence and liable to prosecution (Sections 26 & 27 of the Housing Ordinance, Chapter 283).