Public housing issues

Tenants’ responsibilities

It is a leasing condition that PRH tenants or IH licensees should keep the leased premises and the estate environment clean and hygienic.

HA policies

As listed in Chapter 1, Section C of the Policies on Public Housing, PRH tenants have the following responsibilities:

  • They must not damage any public facilities, such as fire exit doors or fire break glass units, or damaging or misuse fire hose reels. The HA has the right to take appropriate action against the tenants responsible for any such damage, ranging from enforcement action under the prevailing Marking Scheme and having them pay for the repairs to initiating prosecution.

  • They must keep their flat in good condition, maintain the facilities in their flat properly and pay for the costs of such maintenance, use the building services installations and other facilities in the estate correctly, and inform the Estate Office of any damage to public facilities they discover as soon as possible.

  • They must apply to the Estate Office before installing any building services, like air-conditioners, or altering any existing fixtures, such as metal gates, windows and window grilles. When installations or alterations are approved, they must carry out the work according to the prescribed specifications and keep the installations in good repair afterwards.

  • They must reinstate unauthorised alterations at their own cost and pay for the remedy of any damage or loss arising from any such unauthorised alteration work. All authorised work must be carried out by qualified personnel and its completion must be duly certified.

  • They must allow HA staff or its agents to enter the flat to carry out inspections and repair work when necessary.

  • They must be mindful of the safe use and day-to-day maintenance of household electrical/gas appliances and employ qualified personnel for their regular inspection.