Public housing issues

Transfer of flats

Subject to the availability of PRH resources, the HA runs the following transfer schemes to cater for tenants' different needs:

  • Harmonious Families Transfer Exercise (“HFTE”)
  • Territory-wide Overcrowding Relief Transfer Exercise
  • Living Space Improvement Transfer Scheme
  • Voluntary Transfer Exercise
  • Internal Transfer
  • Special Transfer
  • Thinning Out Exercise
  • Transfer for Major Repairs / Improvement Programmes
  • Transfer of Tenants from Converted One-Person Flats / Housing for Senior Citizens under the Phasing-out Programme
  • Transfer for Under-occupied Household

The HFTE is most relevant for elderly tenants.

Harmonious Families Transfer Exercise (“HFTE”)

This programme provides opportunities for PRH tenants to apply for a transfer to the same estate in which their elderly parents/children are currently living for the provision of mutual care (in the absence of suitable resources, a flat of suitable size in the nearest available estate will be allocated). 

Elderly parents living in PRH can nominate one of their adult children or a spouse of one of their adult children to apply for this transfer scheme. Adult children can also nominate their parent(s)/parent(s)-in-law to apply.