Redevelopment and acquisition of property

Land resumption

If the URA fails to acquire entire interest in the land by private agreement for whatever reasons, such as title problems, probate cases or untraceable owners, the URA will make a request to the Government for resumption of the land pursuant to the Lands Resumption Ordinance (Cap. 124 of the Laws of Hong Kong).

Notice of approval for land resumption

If the Government decides to resume land pursuant to the Lands Resumption Ordinance(Cap. 124 of the Laws of Hong Kong), a Government Notice will be published in the Gazette. Copies of the Government Notice will also be affixed in the redevelopment area and sent to the registered owners of the property, where possible.

Reversion of ownership to the Government

Under normal circumstances, the ownership of the properties will revert to the Government three months after the notice is published.


Owner-occupierswill be offeredstatutory compensation and an ex-gratia allowance, namely the Home Purchase Allowance (HPA). Statutory compensation is the open market value of the resumed properties, assessed on a vacant possession basis or tenancy basis, as appropriate, on the date of reversion.The amount of HPA is the difference between the value of a notional replacement flat (based on a seven-year-old flat of a size similar to the resumed flat and in the same locality) and the open market value of the resumed flat.

If any person who considers that he has a compensatable interest in the resumed land, and who has been neither offered compensation nor invited to claim compensation may, within one year from the date of reversion, submit a claim in writing to the Director of Lands

Lands Tribunal referral and appeal mechanisms

If the owner is aggrieved by the amount of the statutory compensation or ex-gratia allowance, the person may submit a claimor an appeal to the Lands Tribunal, the Appeals Committee or the Director of Lands depending on the nature of the complaint.

For details, please refer to the Lands Department Guidelines.