Redevelopment and acquisition of property

The URA-initiated redevelopment projects

The URA may initiate a redevelopment project on itsown by way of a development project (the Outline Zoning Plan (OZP) does not require amendments) or a development scheme (the OZP has to be amended). 

Publication of redevelopment projects

When the URA decides to redevelop a site, it will make public announcement of the redevelopment project in the Gazette and newspapers for two months.  The general information of the redevelopment project will be exhibited for public inspection.

Objections and appeals

During the public announcement period, people affected by the redevelopment project may make objections to the URA (in the case of the development project) or the Town Planning Board (in the case of the development scheme).

In the case of the development project, the Secretary for Development will make the decision toauthorize the URA to proceed with the redevelopment project with or without any amendment or decline to authorize the redevelopment project.However, an aggrieved objector to the decision of the Secretary for Development can appeal to the Appeal Board.

In the case of development scheme, the Chief Executive in Counsel will make the final decision.

Acquisition price

When the URA is authorized to proceed with the redevelopment project, the URA will negotiate with existing owners to acquire their interests in the site. The URA will offer an owner-occupier of domestic property the market value of his property plus an ex-gratia allowanceas acquisition price or the owner may opt for the Flat-for-Flat Scheme in lieu of cash compensation.

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