Common con tricks

Electronic parts

This scam usually involves several culprits and is a variation to the fake herbs scam. The first culprit approaches the victim, usually on the street, and asks whether the victim can watch over some goods being unloaded. The victim is offered HK$200-$300 for the assistance provided. If the victim agrees to look after the goods, a second culprit who pretends to be interested in that particular item will approach the victim. He tells the victim that he knows of a lucrative market for the goods, where huge profits can be made. He goes on to suggest that he and the victim offer to buy some of the goods from the first culprit when he returns. If the victim agrees, he parts with his cash to receive a worthless batch of products. Usually the culprits in this scam avoid genuine retailers who are certain to know the true nature of the goods.


  • Do not be tempted by this deal. Ask yourself why the person is willing to include you in such a profitable transaction. They have never met you before and could easily keep all of the 'profit' for themselves;
  • Never purchase goods 'sight unseen' or if you have no experience in that particular market concerned; and
  • Only buy merchandise of this nature from reputable outlets where you will have some recourse against the supplier if the need arises.