Common con tricks

Timeshare schemes

It is common practice for timeshare sales representatives to approach customers by making “cold-calls” or by way of street surveys. Potential customers are offered free gifts, coupons or the chance of winning a prize, as way of encouraging them to attend these types of seminars.

During these seminars well-trained sales representatives use high-pressure sales tactics, offering discounts to persuade customers to join the timeshare scheme. Usually the victims are convinced to sign an agreement immediately. These high pressure sales seminars usually last for several hours, many customers eventually sign the agreement to join the scheme through greed, or because they feel too embarrassed to refuse, or are just so tired due to the lengthy sales talk. Customers sign up and either pay the fees in full or by a deposit followed by monthly installments.


  • Do not be greedy;
  • Do not join any schemes without thoroughly understanding and reading a contract;
  • Make sure you understand and agree to the clauses of any agreement before signing it. Take it home and read it; and
  • Make a report immediately to the police (999) if you are prevented from leaving such seminars.