The Mandatory Provident Fund

Retirement and withdrawal of accrued benefits from your MPF

When can contributors withdraw their accrued benefits?

The accrued benefits can be withdrawn when the contributor retires or turns 65.

Are there any exceptions to the rule?

Early withdrawal is permitted in cases of death, total or permanent incapacity, terminal illness, early retirement between the age 60 and 64, or permanent departure from Hong Kong;
if the person’s balance is less than HK$5,000, if he has ceased contributing to an MPF scheme for at least 12 months, and has declared that he will not become employed or self-employed within the foreseeable future.

Can employees keep their MPF in their account after retirement and withdraw the money at a later stage?

Yes.  They can keep their accrued benefits in their account and withdraw them at any later stage.  The form for withdrawal of benefits can be found on the MPFA website.